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surface treatment of the aluminum oxidation
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The type and the method of the Industrial aluminum surface treatment anode aluminum oxidation 
Classified by conventional classification
According to its current form, it is divided into: DC anode aluminum oxidation, AC anode aluminum oxidation, pulse current anode aluminum oxidation.
According to the electrolyte, there are natural anodic oxidation of sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, chromic acid, mixed acid and sulfoorganic acid as the main solution.
According to the film layer, there are anodization of a common film, a hard film (thick film), a porcelain film, a bright modification layer, and a barrier layer for semiconductor action. The common anodizing methods and process conditions for aluminum and aluminum alloys are most commonly used for direct current sulfuric acid anodization.

Common anodizing method for aluminum and aluminum alloy
Series name Electrolyte composition Current density A/dm2 Voltage V Temperature/degree time min Color film thickness μm Remarks.
Sulfuric acid Alumilite (US) sulfuric acid, 10%-20% DC1-210-2020-3010-30 transparent 5-30 easy to color, corrosion resistance.
Sulfuric acid exchange method sulfuric acid, 12%-15% AC3-4.517-2813-2520-40 transparent 10-25 for the paint bottom layer.
Alumina film (day) oxalic acid, 5%-10% AC1-280-12020-2920-60 yellow brown 6-18 daily necessities decoration, corrosion resistant, wear resistant DC0.5-125-30 translucent.

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