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Insulation aluminum
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Insulation aluminum
Polyurethane insulation aluminum plate product advantages External wall polyurethane composite insulation aluminum plate, outer substrate is aluminum plate, processed according to design, the surface is treated with fluorocarbon coating recognized by the international construction industry, and the inner layer is rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer, inside and outside The layers are tightly bonded.
It has the characteristics of surface rainproof, anti-impact, diversified appearance, strong decoration and long service life. It is a new type of high-grade exterior decoration material with integrated insulation and decoration.

1. New construction

2. The decorative strength is different from the structure of other thermal insulation boards at home and abroad, and the rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation performance is directly bonded to the back surface of the formed aluminum plate by infusion foaming. The thickness of the polyurethane insulation layer can be designed according to the temperature of different regions. After being formed by industrial processing, it is fixed on the main structure by dry hanging. The polyurethane composite thermal insulation aluminum plate is firmly connected with the main structure to form an external wall with various decorative effects. The aluminum plate is processed and formed by fluorocarbon treatment, and the surface thereof is clean and smooth, adopts computer color matching, elegant color, beautiful appearance, and is not easy to stick dust, and can achieve an ideal landscaping effect. One-time solution to insulation, exterior wall decoration, service life, cracking of retaining structure, etc.

3, the coating weather resistance strong aluminum plate surface is sprayed with KYNAR-500 up to 70% of fluorocarbon polymer resin, after the surface of this fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate, has reached the current US AAMA60.5.2.92 quality standard. It is highly resistant to acid rain, corrosion and UV. It can ensure that the coating will not fade, powder or fall off for more than 20 years.
4, self-weight, light durability, such aluminum plate is light, about 7kg per square meter, its tensile strength is 200N/mm2; aluminum plate has high elongation, relative elongation is higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking Good toughness. The interior is also filled with rigid polyurethane, and the plate body is firmly fixed on the keel to form the entire wall, which greatly reduces the structural load of the building. It can withstand general collisions, and the sheet temperature deformation stress can be adjusted and absorbed by the inter-plate caulking material, so it is very strong. It is connected by stainless steel bolts, will not corrode, and can have the same life as the main structure.

5. Saving resources The traditional practice of building exterior walls requires a large amount of cement, sand, water and other materials. The resources are very wasteful. After dismantling, there is a lot of garbage. The external wall insulation aluminum plate is a kind of resource that can be recycled and reused. After the building is demolished, the aluminum plate can be reprocessed into other aluminum products through recycling. After the polyurethane plate is broken, it can be processed into aggregate of thermal insulation material, which becomes renewable energy, saves limited national resources, and follows a sustainable production mode.
6. Installation and quick process The reasonable heat insulation aluminum plate is made on the factory assembly line and directly hangs on the construction structure at the construction site. It is a new type of high-grade exterior material with integrated energy-saving decoration, and the construction is convenient and the construction period is short. The thermal insulation aluminum plate is beautiful, durable, beautiful, durable, and good overall performance. For the first time, the problem that the thermal insulation material and the decorative surface material cannot be closely combined is overcome. The insulation material is closely combined with the decorative surface material, and is not easy to fall off and loose.

And enhance the wind pressure strength and flatness of the decorative surface material. The decorative surface is diversified in color and can be processed into a variety of shapes, which can reflect the decorative personality of the building. Fire insulation, fire insulation and fire resistance are greatly improved. Polyurethane rigid foam is a thermosetting plastic. It will not melt when it is exposed to high temperature. It only forms a hole-like charred material with less smoke and strong anti-ignition and resists flame spread. Its calorific value is also very high. Less, density of 38Kg / m3, thickness of 50mm polyurethane rigid foam is only 53MJ / m2; combustible weight has little potential impact on combustion, so the ability to promote the fire is also very small; in case of fire or high temperature, its excellent thermal insulation performance, only The surface is rapidly heated and rapidly coked to resist the spread of flame, protect the inner core from burning, and exhibits good fire insulation performance.

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Tel: 0086-371-86541330

Fax: 0086-371-86541330

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