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Anodized Aluminum Veneer
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Anodized Aluminum Veneer
The aluminum veneers seen on the market today are made of two different aluminum plates, one is anodized and the other is aluminum. today  Let's  know more about the Anodized Aluminum Veneer !

The anodized aluminum veneer process is different from the ordinary painting process in that it electrically electrolyzes the conductive acidic electrolyte to oxidize the surface of the aluminum metal constituting the anode, and naturally grows a thick and dense alumina protective film on the aluminum surface. This oxide film is not an additional layer and will not peel off. The oxide film is transparent and colorless, and the microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb shape. It can use aluminum to highlight the strong metallic feeling, and evenly color the micropores to give the curtain wall beautiful color, which greatly broadens the application horizon.

(一) Anodized Aluminum Veneer features:
(1) Strong anti-fouling: easy to clean, simple to maintain, no fingerprints, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.

(2) Good weather resistance: The standard thickness oxide film (3um) of the anodized aluminum veneer is not discolored for a long time, does not corrode, does not oxidize, and does not rust. The anodized aluminum veneer with a thickened oxide film (10um) can be used outdoors, and can be discolored without being exposed to the sun for a long time.

(3) Strong metal feeling: The surface of the aluminum plate treated by the anode is high in hardness, up to the gem level, good in scratch resistance, no paint cover on the surface, retaining the metallic color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metallic feeling, improving the grade and added value of the product.

(4) High fire resistance: pure metal products, the surface of the anodized aluminum veneer is free of paint and any chemical substances. It does not burn at 600 °C, does not produce toxic gases, and meets the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection.

(5) Good processability: The positive-grade alumina veneer has strong decoration and moderate hardness. It can be easily bent and formed for continuous high-speed stamping, which is convenient for direct processing into products, eliminating the need for complicated surface treatment and greatly shortening the product. Production cycle and reduced production costs.

(二) Application of Anodized Aluminum Veneer:

Anodized aluminum veneer aluminum gusset curtain wall has nearly 20 years of successful application experience in Western countries, and Europe, North America and Australia have a precedent for large-area use of anodized aluminum curtain wall. At present, the focus of the world construction industry is gradually shifting from the West to China.

In recent years, anodized aluminum veneers have become popular in the domestic curtain wall industry as an emerging curtain wall material. Large-scale landmark buildings such as the CCTV Building and the Guangzhou Asian Games Performing Arts Center all adopt the anodized aluminum curtain wall. According to the University of Oxford's 2020 Global Construction Market Outlook study, from 2009 to 2020, the aluminum construction industry in China will grow by 130%.

Anodized plates are suitable for metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall panels, aluminum-plastic panels, fire panels, honeycomb panels, aluminum panels, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc.

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